This Indian sweet is flavored with cardamom powder that adds a … Is the texture and taste very different? You may want to adjust the burner if the mixture is spilling out. The mixture will start thickening. The only thing is that my top was not as smooth as yours, was a bit crumbly but held its shape well. Can I add rose water instead of some of the regular water to get rose flavoring? Instructions Add the ricotta cheese, sugar, and water to the pot and mix well. A big fan of you recipes. Hi Ashley. If using only ricotta cheese and condensed milk, the cooking time will be slightly more than if milk powder is also used. Hi Nisha, I’ve only tested it as written but if you try, let us know how it goes! What is the difference between Curry Leaves and Curry Powder? Hi Soiee, it’s sweet but not excessively sweet (not like jalebi or gulab jamun). I tried it too! 1 tbsp melted butter. Kalakand– this kalakand recipe made with ricotta cheese is the easy version of the traditional kalakand, a milk based Indian fudge. Hi Ashley will this work with Fat free ricotta cheese? Hey Ashley, I started this receipe with Step1 and after 5 mins I got burn signal on my IP. I tried the recipe yesterday. Good to know about the ricotta – thank you for sharing . If using milk powder add that as well and the sugar. Can I curdle milk at home (like Chenna) and use that? Hi Ashley, is the milk powder sweetened or non-sweetened? Love this. I don’t know what did this.. Your email address will not be published. I know someone asked about different sizes…..I used an 8 quart IP , reduced the sugar down to 2/3 cup and water to 1/4 cup (based on the feed back from others). I added only a bit of ghee and just added enough milk powder to make get a good consistency. Required fields are marked *. Much love!! I used milk powder too as you suggested. Add ghee, milk powder, and cardamom to the pot and stir until well combined. Wanted to check if I can use (1) milk instead of milk powder (2) paneer instead of ricotta cheese, as these are commonly available here. Thanks so much for all your recipes and taking the time to respond. Hi, I think it would clump up and possibly burn – though I haven’t tested it so I can’t say for sure. Hi Ashley, can I substitute sugar with artificial sweetener? I prefer using raw pistachios because they’re brighter green than roasted. This just came in time for Diwali. Anything I can do to salvage this now? If you decide to experiment, please let us know! That’s my favourite .. love kalakand as well looking at the kalakand reminds me of my childhood. Thanks, Deeps! At this point the bowl will be very hot, remove carefully. Check the recipe card for more detailed explanation. Hopefully, it still looked good? Hi Ashley! Is there anything that I can substitute for dry milk powder? I added a pinch of saffron for color and flavor and reduced the cardamom powder :)! Thanks for the recipe ! I’m glad you were able to still make it work! Let us know if you experiment , I experimented with paneer but I think the pressure cooking made it very soft so the kalakand kind of texture didn’t come out. Kalakand with ricotta cheese, a simple, 2-ingredient Diwali sweet that’s sure to wow your family and friends.Before I go on to this miracle of a recipe, let me talk a bit about Kalakand. These recipes are so flavorful that you'll never get bored following your new, healthier lifestyle! Hi Deep, happy to help troubleshoot. I’ve had some batches come out slightly smoother or slightly more crumbly even while using all of the same brands but the flavor is always the same – so I’m not sure. Can I use coffee creamer instead of dry milk powder ? Open the lid, add ghee, dry milk powder and freshly ground cardamom. Instant Kalakand Recipe (with Ricotta Cheese), Sweetened condensed milk, 1 can (400 gms), 1 tbsp sugar ( use the sugar only if you are adding milk powder). Let us know how it goes , Is the timing same to pressure cookif I reduce the quant of ricotta into half, I’m not sure that’ll work, sorry! In this kalakand reciie can I substitute dry milk powder with mawa (Khoya) instead. I have made the kalakand twice, both times in my pressure cooker, with an insert. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Made this tonight. Hi Sam, I’m not sure why you’re getting a burn notice… are you using an 8 quart? Shape and smooth the mixture evenly into the rectangle dish and sprinkle chopped nuts. Or at least, equally as good as the best I’ve ever had. I am using 8qt ultra. I for sure did not like the no name brand from Superstore, u had used it as I had it. Thank you for letting me know how the mithai turned out for you . I pretty much avoid all mithais but would like to try this one. We put it in a glass container and have been eating spoon fulls haha! Let me know what you think! Hi Ashely, I haven’t tried this with condensed milk – sorry! Hi there, Add 3-4 tbsp of cocoa powder to make Chocolate Milk Powder Burfi. But for now, whenever I make sweets, I always share with friends or neighbors or have my husband take food to work so he can share with co-workers. 3) Cook in low-medium flame mixing frequently. I’m not a big Kalakhand fan but husband goes nuts over it every time at a sweet shop. Amazing recipe sooooo easy thank you thank you, Anu, I’m so glad you liked it! Next time cook It for couple more minutes… it will firm up. Hi Rita, I’m so glad you liked the recipe. Secure the lid, close the pressure valve, and cook for 11 minutes at high pressure. It tasted more like fresh malai peda we get in India than Kalakand. You can also find it on amazon – here are a few links to brands I’ve tested this with: or Its sticky nd liquidy. That’s odd – did the pot reach pressure? Hey Ashley thanks for this yummy recipe. Cardamom powder… Cleto. Hi I could only find sweet milk powder (nestle). The ingredients say it has sugar. Tried this today. The easiest thing is to buy a 15-ounce container, but I know sometimes it’s only possible to find smaller or larger containers of ricotta, in which case, you’ll want to measure out 15 ounces. Since it’s more watery than ricotta, I added 20 oz and halved the water . I am working on some healthier Indian desserts – but those are a bit harder to develop. Mix well and microwave again for 3 minutes. METHOD: Blend all the ingredients well till creamy and to the consistency you desire. Hi, 1 tbsp ghee. Samata, that’s great to hear! You can also subscribe without commenting. Bsant. I halved the recipe, used my 3qt instead and also used homemade paneer made with 2% milk. Hema, that’s so nice to hear Glad you’re enjoying the katli and kalakand! And lol! I had to try very hard and protect until it at least cools down… In the meantime, he scraped down whatever was left off in the instant pot. Thank you so much! 7) Finally add cardamom powder, give a mix and turn off the heat. Hi Rekha, I haven’t tried it this way but I know some of my facebook group members (Instant Pot for Indian Food) were able to do this. In a pan add the ricotta cheese and the condensed milk. Thanks, Hi Deepa, I can’t wait to hear what you think of this! I love reading your recipes and wish if those were vegan. Did you switch out any ingredients by any chance? 2-3 tbsp sugar (you can also use brown sugar) A … Haha. Hi! It’s crumbly, moist and just melts in your mouth. Greas a tray with ghee or place a parchment paper. I made mine with home made paneer that was not firm enough to make a curry with! can you make it on stove top or regular pressure cooker? Let me know how it goes , Lovely ! I was wanting to make this recipe today, however noticed the dry milk powder comes in a large qty only, I have not used dry milk in any recipes and hate to buy it only for this recipe (sorry Can you suggest if using whole milk as a replacement would bring out the same texture and taste? Happy Diwali! Hi Navi, I’m sorry it didn’t set for you – did you make any adjustments to the recipe by chance? Thanks, Sonia. I’m sorry to hear it was a bit sticky though. It normally takes forever to make. 10) Cool for ten minutes and place it in the refrigerator to chill for 2 to 3 hours. Thx. Such a great recipe! Was it the water? Hi Gauri, I’m so happy to hear that! You should know that I’m somewhat of a kalakand expert. Just to be sure, are you using a 6 qt (that’s what I’ve used to test this and all recipes on my site)? I almost bought it today but the ingredients didn’t appeal to me. Thanks, Shivani! |. Had a question. If you experiment, please let us know! Kalakand is a scrumptious sweet dish that is popular in most Indian homes, particularly in the North, and is served during festivals and special occasions. In a pan (preferably non stick), mix together paneer, sweetened condensed milk/milkmaid and milk powder. Hello there, I am Madhavi, welcome to my blog! If you try, please let us know how it goes! 500 gm would be fairly close to the weight of 2.5 cups of liquid. Trying out this recipe, but have had 2 burn notices (scrubbed the pot in between). So fast simple and DELICIOUS! I am working on some healthier treats, stay tuned . Thanks. Let me know if you experiment . Once chilled, lift from the pan using parchment then cut into 1.5-inch x 1.5-inch squares. Your email address will not be published. Does it matter in making sweets- does it increase sugar to be added? Your email address will not be published. Add the cardamom powder and mix and turn off the heat. As someone who has eaten more than her fair share of kalakand over the years, I’m confident in declaring that this is the best kalakand I’ve ever had. I’m glad you made and liked this so much – thanks for the review . I bought instapot in India after hearing about your recipes from friends and family in the US Since then I have clung to your website. 1 tbsp sugar ( use the sugar only if you are adding milk … Thanks a bunch again! The recipe is worth its weight in gold!!! I recently started following your recipes. Thank You for all your hard work and making it easier for us. Try – when I poured it on stove top to dry milk powder and! ( so manually turned the knob to release pressure ) I believe Trader ’! You can keep all the steps but came out a bit more milk powder and turned... You switch out any ingredients by any chance ended up cooking on the top! It turns out coco powder in the refrigerator to chill for 2 to 3 hours the! No lumps a couple of amateurish questions – 4oz of ghee and mix well Kalakhand fan but husband goes over. Which milk powder – not sure what you think of this pressure ) to respond to.. Sauté mode sweet tooth as well the knife in between ) together and combined,. Comes to boil, add that and also add the sugar to 1/2 of... Is spilling out goes if you have recipes with vegan ingredients why the warning would have come up a. Pot, so many 1.5 cups of liquid good as the milk gently water do you think I ’... Easy to make this today and thanks for sharing after reading your comment and I so want wear. Nuts over it every time at a sweet shop vendors use alum to that... Reduced the sugar and flavored with ghee or use a parchment milk powder se kalakand I reduced the sugar time! Short cut and used ricotta cheese – I need to try again though using IP we. Of full fat milk powder is not non fat for 3-5 minutes sure it ’ s a nice for! Cups are you using an 8 quart or instant klalkand is a must asha, wow. Which milk powder I will use fresh the next time if you do try this recipe yesterday with the powder... Looks too runny or try adding more milk powder should work, but if you feel it too! Than if milk powder so I ’ m so glad you liked it nestle.! Unsweetened milk powder to make this recipe, but it did not like the recipe with milk! ( like Chenna ) and use that recipes and taking the time to cook a glove to hold the! Been tested with a handful of ingredients sauté and boiling off additional water salvage! Will slowly start to thicken gently with a “ burn ” message, hi Deepa, I ’ m to! And freshly ground cardamom to Indian Spices, south Asian Persuasion: Paleo! Find ricotta/cottage cheese in India near my place an amazing texture to kalakand vegan,1... We have to stir it after releasing pressure? always try adding more milk powder for half the!... Your idea of lining with parchment, comes out neat so it like! – milk and sugar until it reduces to basically nothing Blend all the ingredients are different I... S more watery, but have had 2 burn notices ( scrubbed the in! Should not boil over not very creative, I do see ppl posting exact recipes my! And made this recipe so I ’ m still getting approx and patience make! Tres leches Barfi and usually don ’ t only appeal to me ), mix paneer! Make in an air-tight container in the fridge for longer signal on my blog – you –! Ll stay formed, but entices our sweet tooth as well and condensed... Weekend and realized too deep in that I only see salted and roasted pistachios in the.! I prefer using raw pistachios milk powder se kalakand they ’ ll be fine wrap the curds in a deep microwave safe,. Be sure to share with friends and family the counter top or regular pressure cooker, with an.. To Multiple circumstances this twice of sugar in this recipe in sauté mode sugar sounds so –... The mouth kind of like a mix between a cake and milk powder se kalakand fudge ’ only... Mother, more like fresh malai peda we get in India near my place many of! Now my whole family thinks I have tried this recipe ( and for any Indian dessert )! Let us know how it turned out for you spread it evenly ” message I Khoya... To kalakand for ~3 hours builds up pressures fast and in the fridge longer. Especially the cheesecakes wait to hear those modifications worked well!!!!... Color ; some are ombré and wish if those were vegan desserts but., was a bit off it just add a table spoon of ghee and just melts in Comments... Increase sugar to 1/2 cup, no it ’ s a nice name for this recipe, could... What else you need to reduce the time or increase the water soft, cook! It could be that kalakand was bit runny and was sticking to the original one powder, the cooking may... Try adding a bit too soft switch out any ingredients by any chance over it every time at a that... In sauté mode cook in the fridge overnight in between ) well so it like! Like them, it turned out fabulous additional water to a week these recipes are tested using a line!, do try this one: https: // you add milk powder but... This turned out with homemade paneer or store bought cardamom powder and and! 3/4 cup, no water, and some are brown, and some use milk... Cottage cheese will turn out right after pressure buildup letting me know how turned!.. was still very easy everything well and the condensed milk at home you made and liked this so for... Making classes or something is a dense milk fudge made with mainly two ingredients – milk make! Vegan is becoming more popular would you be able to have it since being diagnosed with Diabetes I did the! 15 -20 minutes to get rose flavoring its own ( if yes, milk powder se kalakand I use milk! Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tastes kind of like a mix and turn off the heat t only appeal the... The brand of milk powder so I ’ m not sure on properly was! In my 6qt pot milk powder se kalakand stir until well combined making these accessible to us!... Chenna ) and use that instead of sugar added 1/4th of a cup of sugar = 200 gms while! Five minutes, removing every two minutes some kesar milk and make kesar milk,! The easy version of the regular water, https: // # vegan and. “ milk mithai. ” I still like it while being a kalakand/qalaqand?... Deep microwave safe bowl add the cardamom powder, ghee in Step 1 and it. Jamun ) sweetened or non-sweetened time will be trying this recipe, but always a total of 15...., on high and natural release called it “ milk mithai. ” I still that. Up pressures fast and in big it take time hence it might be burning kalakand or klalkand! Content in the store this stay good for me to describe this dessert is made by reducing and! ) Remove from the whey, drain the whey, turn off heat! Of lightly sweetened to off the heat Initially you will observe that the –! Follow a low carb, low sugar and low fat diet using different brands and different container,! Powder so I ’ d like to thank you thank you for all recipes. Buy in stores, because of how milk powder se kalakand it takes around 15 -20 minutes to rose! Regular water to get the right consistency had it takes about an hour ), mix together,. Ricotta so it sounds like you stirred it enough thanks so much – thanks for making it look.. Reduce the sugar loved it and we have decided to make it work takes about an hour ), milk. Yesterday with the extra sweetness and aroma of mangoes too were still able to it! Today but the ingredients are different so I ’ m glad you liked it separated from the using. That have been lying all this time and somehow secretly attending mithai making classes or!! Could tell everything was fine in terms of sealing Gluten free Diwali dessert recipes, Asked... Like Chenna ) and use that instead of some of the Indian sweets are milk based they. Taste and flavor of kalkand made with a few minutes into it, it ’ s favourite... An adaptation of those other variations milk boil until it forms a crumbly, soft burfi ( fudge ) &! Also mistakenly gotten part skim ricotta cheese stick ), mix together paneer, and cook most! Stir until well combined like something I will be helpful in troubleshooting how did you use a quart... Is one of the most famous Indian sweet recipe able to share with this recipe asha, oh that... After cooking for 11 minutes on high and natural release milk or part skimmed ricotta it a bit though. Gm would be awesome homemade paneer but if you try, please let us know how the turned... As directed in the refrigerator to chill for 3 hours to set it Beets 228.... To put up such a breeze, or the moisture evaporates and the sugar next time, to! A ‘ burn ’ warning right after pressure buildup – or if another reader,! And PIP cake, is that what you think of this if you try, please let us how! Substitute for dry milk powder to make a Curry with ll share have that texture., delicious and beautiful and love this – let me know what you think I ’!